Turkmen Construction Exhibition

13 th edition of "Turkmen Construction" will be held in CCI Turkmenistan Building, Chandybil Street / Ashgabat on 4-5 November, 2023. 

Turkmen Construction exhibition was recognized not only as a milestone of the construction industry of Turkmenistan, but as an important international forum either. The industry forum has become a large demonstration and negotiating platform both for domestic and the world's leading construction companies. 

The last international edition "Turkmen Construction 2019" was attended by 108 major companies from 15 countries, those intending to develop mutual beneficial partnership with Turkmen colleagues, to participate actively in the implementation of large-scale urban development programs deployed in the country and to develop the building sector of Turkmenistan as well.

             LOI, Visa, Accomodation

Exhibition entrance is free of charge to visitors, but all non-residents need to obtain entry visa to Turkmenistan.

Organizers provide Letter of Invitation (LOI) to get visa only for exhibitors.

Procedure of LOI takes about 8 weeks. LOI will be sent to exhibitors scanned.

On receipt of LOI, exhibitors may apply for visa to one of Turkmenistan Consulates (Please, ask for procedure of visa obtaining in your country) or obtain visa in the Ashgabat Airport on arrival.

Accomodation:  We have secured rooms at preferential rates for all participants. Due to high demand an early booking is strongly recommended.

Please contact info(at)turkmenconstruction.com for more details.

              Turkmenistan Foreign Trade and Economy

In 2022, Turkmenistan's foreign trade was close to 20 billion USD, of which 12 billion USD is export and 7.5 billion USD import. Most of the exports are gas exports to Russia and China, but recently Turkmenistan has been exporting in the fields of Greenhouse, Agriculture and Meat. 

At the moment, preparations for the second stage of Arkadag project are underway and it is planned to be completed in 2026. A road tender of 650 million dollars has been opened in Karaboğaz and Turkish companies are bidding.  A 1574 MW power plant tender was opened in Turkmenbashi.  Several tenders for residentials are still open. 

It is easy for the companies included in the e-cmr system to pass through the customs in transportation works. Turkmenbashi Port ro-ro ships have been discounted and the trucks can go to Turkmenistan for 1600 usd round trip. 

Çalık Group won tenders for 3 new hospitals with a total value of 810 million USD. The total amount of work received by Turkish contractors in Turkmenistan has exceeded 50 billion USD and it is the 2nd country with the most business after Russia. There is no payment problem in contracts made with USD.
The demand for white marble continues and it is met it from Vietnam. 
International flights including Turksih Airlines flies every day.
Companies such as Eser Holding, Çalık Holding, Süvari Gemi, Bmt, Anadolu Group, Burç Group, Schneider, Metro Elektrik, Monokon, CCI continue their business. 
Trade with major trade partner Türkiye  is 2.1 billion USD in 2022, 1.1 billion dollars is exports  in various items.